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Posted by SMstudy® on November 25, 2016 | Digital Marketing (DM)

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Artificial Intelligence or AI is a buzzword we’ve been hearing for a while now. Its common use in literature, media, and movies has given it a sort of celebrity status and a reputation that ranges from apocalyptic to prophetic. The presence of AI is now almost ubiquitous, with its application in multiple fields ranging from road traffic control to studies in particle physics. Digital marketing is just one of the areas where AI is expected to make a difference.

Digital marketing or for that matter any form of marketing has always posed marketers with a question—how effective was our marketing? And it is this conundrum that AI looks to solve or at least improve upon. We all know that traditional marketing including print, TV, and radio are great at broadcasting. But you never get to know how much of it has really been effective. Although usual Digital Marketing tools allow you to make targeted ads, it is difficult to actually target it to the right audience. And the current costs of the pay-per-click model, while increasing your marketing spend, may not actually improve returns on marketing spend. For example consider a search engine ad for a soccer shoe that is targeted at teenagers. Your obvious filters would be set using age and interests. While this may be better than a print ad, it may also not be seen by your real target audience—teenagers who actually play soccer. With AI based systems it is possible to sieve through user data on a more real-time basis and eventually target a user who is more likely to be playing soccer.

From a user’s perspective AI would be able to significantly improve the content you receive while being connected, whether it be ads, suggestions on articles to read, or suggested social media content. This would not only improve customer experience while browsing online but also help businesses reach a more receptive audience who are willing to engage rather than overlook or ignore content. For any ecommerce vendor’s mobile app, AI can be used to enhance customer experience by offering personalized suggestions and customized offers, thus turning a mobile app in to a personal salesperson or assistant waiting to serve you better.  

Companies such as Google and Facebook have already started implementing AI on a larger scale. Google has started using an AI system called Rankbrain which uses natural language processing to offer better search results. It helps Google to process search results and provide more relevant search results for users[1]. Facebook Messenger supports chatbots, and launched a messenger platform service which allows businesses to create bot accounts that can interact with Facebook users based on their usage and interests[2].

With the use of AI in digital marketing set to increase we are looking at a marketing world where targeting and conversion using ads is significantly better and where viewers also get a better experience on the internet.


[1] Clark, Jack. "Google Turning Its Lucrative Web Search Over to AI Machines". Bloomberg Business. Bloomberg. Retrieved 28 October 2015.


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